I never learn

25 Aug

Every time someone at work, I won’t call them friends because they obviously aren’t, needs a favor or help with something I always there for them.

But when I ask for one little thing are they there for me? Of course not!

I just need to start learning how to say “no” to people.

10 Aug

I’m supposed to go to London on my birthday in less than a month with a friend.

The friend have depression and ok, I get it it’s hard but fuuuuck I just want to kill her right now.

She took a dog, forget that she doesn’t have money I don’t give a shit but SHE KNEW she was gonna be out of the country for a week!! We bought the tickets half a year ago!!

And now instead of being excited about the trip, which is my first time ever abord btw, I have to listen to her whining  about how she can’t find a place for the dog. She didn’t plan ahead with the vaccines, so it’s too late for that, and the dog is problematic so he can’t be around other dogs and so on and so on…

And now she just goes “fuck it I’m not going! I don’t know what to do!”

Well thanks for that!! That’s what I need, to fucking cry and not know if this trip will even happen because she can’t think ahead of things.

And I knew this would happen the moment she took the dog.

I just want to be excited about this fucking trip!! And all she does is bring me down and I just regret this fucking idea of a trip. I don’t know why I thought it would work, I’m so stupid I really have  only myself to blame.

7 Aug

My dad has a new girlfriend and he’s been cleaning the house for a week now for her, something he didn’t do for 5 years. And she’s annoying, she’s French and she’s full of plastic surgery and she just stand there and giving orders so the house will look how she want it to look.

He also throw all my mom clothes, I took as many as I could fit into my closet but it wasn’t much. And I don’t know what he’s going to do with the rest of her stuff.

And I hate it because he’s an assholes and he was always an asshole and now he’s happy and that’s not fair.

25 Jul

You know the kind of people when you ask them something and they don’t know the answer so they just make some shit up, and you know they’re making it up because they keep changing their answer when you give them more information that contradict their first answer.

And then when they realize that they’re talking shit they decide to make you look like an idiot, and they go all “no, you’re so stupid, you’re wrong, why are you making things up” and stuff like that. So they turns it so out that YOU are the stupid one. The kind of people who can’t admit they are wrong so they just makes you feel like shit.

You know those people?

Well, my dad is one of those people. Imagine going through your all life thinking you’re just a really stupid person, afraid to ask anyone anything because maybe they’ll find out you’re stupid and make fun of you. But really you were just fed up with wrong information this all time. And you only figure it out when you’re older and the damage is already done.

My point is, if you know these kind of people, please, tell them about the importance of safe sex.

Thank you.

22 Jul

I was supposed to go today to a poetry slam that a friend is participating in and I got the ok to get out of work early and asked another co worker if he can pass by work and give me a lift. He was like I don’t know if I’ll have room in my car at first, and then he said that he think it will be ok and that he’ll have room, so I ordered a ticket.

And then like an hour before it started he gives me the most shitty excuse to why he can’t give me a lift, “he won’t gonna┬ámake it in time”. He litterlly went from one side of the city to the other but he “didn’t have time” to pick me up. One of the people who picked a ride with him hates me, so I’m guessing it was her just being a bitch.

But now I feel like shit because I wasn’t there to support my friend and because I got another prove that everyone hates me.

Not to mention that on the way home on my bicycle when I was all crying and shit, some crazy dude decide that it’s a good way to start yelling at me and to be in my way, and when I ignored him he just started to curse me.

I really wished I knew what is it about me that attracts so much antagonism.


18 Jul

My neighbours have this refrigerator that beeps every day, no matter what time it is, for hours. And it’s been going on for a year now and we asked them to stop but they just keep doing it. FOR A YEAR!!! It’s just beep beep beep beep for hours!!!!!!

And it just drives me crazy I can’t take it anymore!!!! I just can’t take it anymore!!!!!!!! It’s like torture!!!! And they now it bothers me and drives me crazy but they don’t give a shit!!! They do it on purpose!! They admitted that they’re doing it on purpose!!!!!!!

And I called the police twice but they don’t do shit because when they get here the motherfuckers turn it off so the police is like “we can’t do anything if we can’t hear anything”.


I just spent an hour outside yelling at them “ENOUGH!!!” but they just stand and look at me trough the window with their kids and laugh. THEY DRIVE ME CRAZY AND THEN MAKE FUN OF ME!!!! (they are religious people btw).

And I just can’t take it anymore I want to kill myself, I just want it to stop!

18 Jul

Good to know that your own family doesn’t have your back and they will just let you go insane.



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