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OK so my dad has a friend who

27 Apr

OK so my dad has a friend who is obnoxious and he’s here ALL THE TIME!

Now I wouldn’t care if I could just lock myself in my room all day, and that’s what I do. I lock myself in my room all day. I don’t even bother to get out of bed until he leaves and that like only in the evening. 

But EVERY time I get up, and want to go to the shower (I need to go trough the living room in a towel to get there) they show up. It’s like he’s got cameras out there and he knows when to ruined my day. 

And he doesn’t care, or he’s THAT stupid. His doughtier is in her room all day, and he don’t gives a shit, if I’ll die I doubt he’ll even notice.  

Aside 20 Apr

why did I wake up?*


*I ask myself everyday