Archive | June, 2015
22 Jun

Being a fangirl is the only thing that helps, I mean there aren’t many things that makes me happy. But the actors and shows I love always makes me feel better.

But for other people it looks pathetic, they always make fun of me and say that I’m acting like an idiot. They always tell me to stop.

And that makes me feel like shit, I can’t even enjoy the only things that makes me happy because it makes me look pathetic. I need to feel bad for the only thing that gives me a reason to live.

Please don’t be assholes and don’t make fun on people’s interests, some people don’t have people in their lives to make them happy. Some of them are pathetic as me and we have is that one actor or that one show we love to death.
I hate this, I hate not being able to show my love and be happy.

11 Jun

No one will even notice if I’m gone.

10 Jun

I feel like I only annoy people and everyone wants me gone.

10 Jun

I just want a hug.

A real hug, from someone who actually care about me.

9 Jun

I guess I’m a very annoying person if when I try to help people just dismiss me.

Which is fine because they either do a double job or they just get mad for no reason.

But it still makes me feel like shit when I try to help and people just “not now”. They get mad for nothing, but they also give me another reason to kill myself.