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Another reason to trust no one

1 Sep

So my “best friend” did something that hurt me. It doesn’t matter what she did that’s not the point. The point is that she did something that she knew would hurt me because we talked about it. 

And then instead of apologize she did what she always do, she got angry on me that I got hurt. She never say sorry, she only blame me every time that I get hurt by her that I’m “too sensitive” or that I “don’t read the reality right”. Always blaming and making me feel even worse. 

But this time she really did it. I spent the whole week crying because of her, she spent it angry at me of course. And then when a 3rd friend made her go and talk to me she told me, right to my crying face that she doesn’t care about me! 

Now maybe it’s just me but if a friend tells me I hurt him I just apologize, I  don’t make excuses or blame them. And that’s always what I did with her, and she got offended by really stupid stuff but still I simply apologized. 

But telling your crying “best friend” that you don’t care about her?? That’s just a really bitch move!

I’m done with her, she can go to hell for all I care. She’s not worth my time and my friendship.