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Why I’m gonna die alone

23 Apr

So I started to chat with this guy on a dating site and things go pretty well so we moved on to Facebook. And after a few months he told me that I’m the only one that he found interesting and kept talking to.

A couple of months later he changed his Facebook status to “in a relationship” and now, like half a year later they moved together.

Now I know that it was probably my fault for taking things slow or “playing hard to get” but this is exactly the reason why I did!

Like either he was a liar or he’s the king of moving too damn fast, and I don’t like both options. This is exactly why I have trust issues, I have no tolerance for lies and I pretty much trust no one.

And I’ll never gonna have a boyfriend like this I know, but I just don’t want to waste my time with bullshit so what’s the difference really.

10 Jul

I always dream that people actually care about me.

And then I wake up and remember that no one really does.

11 Jun

No one will even notice if I’m gone.

10 Jun

I feel like I only annoy people and everyone wants me gone.

10 Jun

I just want a hug.

A real hug, from someone who actually care about me.

28 May

Today it happened again, a guy hit on a friend of mine. It happens all the time, every time I’m with a friend someone hits on them. And it’s not even the same friend, it’s a different friend every time.

This time the guy was nice to me, apparently to get to her. I don’t even know why I keep thinking I have any chance with any guy. The only guy who hit on me are old, and I mean 60 years old old.

And to top that on my way home some bitch shouted to me out of a car: “Listen, you’re ugly”.

It’s been 30 years and things won’t get better.