10 Aug

I’m supposed to go to London on my birthday in less than a month with a friend.

The friend have depression and ok, I get it it’s hard but fuuuuck I just want to kill her right now.

She took a dog, forget that she doesn’t have money I don’t give a shit but SHE KNEW she was gonna be out of the country for a week!! We bought the tickets half a year ago!!

And now instead of being excited about the trip, which is my first time ever abord btw, I have to listen to her whining  about how she can’t find a place for the dog. She didn’t plan ahead with the vaccines, so it’s too late for that, and the dog is problematic so he can’t be around other dogs and so on and so on…

And now she just goes “fuck it I’m not going! I don’t know what to do!”

Well thanks for that!! That’s what I need, to fucking cry and not know if this trip will even happen because she can’t think ahead of things.

And I knew this would happen the moment she took the dog.

I just want to be excited about this fucking trip!! And all she does is bring me down and I just regret this fucking idea of a trip. I don’t know why I thought it would work, I’m so stupid I really have  only myself to blame.


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