18 Jul

My neighbours have this refrigerator that beeps every day, no matter what time it is, for hours. And it’s been going on for a year now and we asked them to stop but they just keep doing it. FOR A YEAR!!! It’s just beep beep beep beep for hours!!!!!!

And it just drives me crazy I can’t take it anymore!!!! I just can’t take it anymore!!!!!!!! It’s like torture!!!! And they now it bothers me and drives me crazy but they don’t give a shit!!! They do it on purpose!! They admitted that they’re doing it on purpose!!!!!!!

And I called the police twice but they don’t do shit because when they get here the motherfuckers turn it off so the police is like “we can’t do anything if we can’t hear anything”.


I just spent an hour outside yelling at them “ENOUGH!!!” but they just stand and look at me trough the window with their kids and laugh. THEY DRIVE ME CRAZY AND THEN MAKE FUN OF ME!!!! (they are religious people btw).

And I just can’t take it anymore I want to kill myself, I just want it to stop!

2 Responses to “HELP!!!”

  1. typicalteenchick July 18, 2015 at 12:13 pm #

    It will be okay, just stop giving them attention to feed on lay low

    • thegitfiles51 July 18, 2015 at 2:46 pm #

      I’ve been laying low for a year, it just drives me crazy, like legit crazy!!
      It’s still on!! And they’re enjoying it!!

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