I Didn’t Choose To Be Born

30 May

Here’s a pice of advise for you: If you don’t want kids, wear a condom.

I don’t understand why would you make your child feel shitty about themselves all the time, I don’t understand why I keep telling him things either. I guess I have no one else to share them with and I just want someone to be happy for me. But it always backfires.

Every time something good happens he’ll go out of his way to shit all over it, to make me feel like crap, and to annoy me when he knows I’ll get mad. I guess making me cry is an accomplish to him.

Right now he goes out of his way to not buy food, not pay the electric bill, not pay the internet… Because he knows I’m trying to save money for a trip to London. He does everything so I won’t be able to save a cent.

I just wish I could get out of this fucking house and leave him here alone to die, no one will come to visit him, no one will care. If I’ll ever find someone to love me he will not be invited to the wedding, he will never even meet him.

It’s his fault I’m alive, not mine, if it was up to me I would have never been born. So why am I being punished for it?


One Response to “I Didn’t Choose To Be Born”

  1. operahell June 13, 2015 at 4:15 am #

    You know, this thought ran through my head a LOT growing up, sometimes it still does. You didn’t choose to be born but you also didn’t pick your parents. It won’t be this shitty forever, you won’t live there forever and one day, if you choose to cut him out of your life for good, you can do that. All my love to you ❤

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