Just Words

30 Jan

I am an introvert. That means that when I’m feeling down, chances are that I won’t actually go to you for help. In fact, I won’t go to anyone for help. You’ll have to actually check on me. I don’t feel that I should burden others with my problems but if you come to me, I might just trust you enough to let you help.

This is basically me, I don’t like to talk to people about personal stuff I don’t see what good will come out of it. All you get is people telling you that everything will be fine or just telling you that you don’t suck, but I know that it’s not true. It’s just lies that meant to make you feel better, and it’s not, it’s just makes you feel like no one really knows you and the ones that really do makes you feel worthless.
And if the people that are most close to you don’t believe in you, why would you believe in yourself? Why would you believe what other people, people that just want to make you feel better, say?

One Response to “Just Words”

  1. Created ~ Create.it January 30, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    I totally understand. I’m an introvert also 🙂

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